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Hau Ngo is an industry veteran with over 17 years under his belt

He can harmoniously save your team time and money and by night hit the ring as an accomplished martial artist and kickboxer or entertain his two kids.

Just as the ying is to yang, Hau has found a way to balance the hard hitting fast pace of unruly and out of control projects with the calm zen-like approach to problem solving that comes from his nearly 2-decades of developing his own technical and process based approach.

Skip the meaningless list – instead learn how Mr. “NO” took SAP Analytics to a new level at Disney, IBM, Oakley, and others...

“I didn't get anywhere as a YES MAN,” proclaims Mr. “NO.”

I am sure you know the type. First you have the head nodders that will say yes no matter how crazy your idea is. They are just looking to rack up hours and collect the paycheck.

On the other hand you have the TYPE-A RAMPANT CHEST BEATERS. They will stop at nothing to take your project off track. Maybe they have a fascination for the latest shiny object, or perhaps they are deflecting attention from the fact that they don't have a clue.

Trust is Key.

Take Walt Disney as an example. Before Hau entered they required an entire team to monitor their complex analytics and reporting data warehouse. The team worked in shifts ensuring the flow of data was correct and on spec. In this case team members were solely responsible for identifying and reporting any issues found. You betcha they made some mistakes in this process, they were only human. And you are only as strong as the weakest link in a chain.

Hau knew that must be a better way.

‘Mr. NO’ stepped in and said NO to the slow, laborious, and error-prone process at Disney.

With his background in computer science and engineering, Hau was able to whip up a solution quick. This single program was able to automate Disney’s entire review process. It's now checking for errors up front–rather than after the fact–and reports them out straight away. The results were that this 2-man-hour intensive (and expensive) work was replaced with an automated solution that took mere seconds to execute. This allowed Disney to double their review process frequency, recognizing and correct issues up front, on a lightning quick timeline with zero extra work.


It's not enough to have someone who knows how to extract data.

It's more important to have someone who is an alternative thinker. Hau Ngo has a remarkable ability to step back from the data, to question assumptions.

He's a creative problem solver and has an instinct for finding the underlying business problem, rather than pushing an IT solution.

He's a sharp analyst, an outstanding listener, and has that happy combination of being a high-level thinker and a practical achiever.

Anthony English Business Consultant

“I'm not one to show up for a hearty Minnesota winter in flip-flops. NO way!”
–Mr. “NO”

Team, company, and culture fit play a big role in a project‘s success.

Don't just order some made to order “consultant.” Chances are they have gaps in knowledge, show up unprepared, and do little else than run the clock and collect a paycheck.

Mr. Ngo is a master of working with medium and large enterprises and is just as comfortable working alongside a small development team of 4-6 people.

You have to get to know people. You have to understand what makes a person tick and then figure out what is the best way to insert yourself in a way that is the least disruptive to the team dynamic.

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From his base of operations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hau is uniquely situated to be in the west coast or mid west quickly and you betcha dressed appropriately and ready to snap into action.

You can't just throw more and more bodies at a problem. Experience shows that If you really want to get things done right, you need a SAP Surgical Strike and that is exactly what he specializes in.

Recently Hau outperformed a small team coming in under budget and before deadline.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” –Bruce Lee


Provided strong leadership

Hau's attention to detail and ability to deliver results has been impressive. Hau has an approachable and engaging personality and has been able to work with a wide range of groups at our company. He has provided strong leadership on both technical and functional issues and has shown an ability to isolate and resolve the root cause. His background and personality has been a real asset to our team and I would recommend him for future projects.

Nathan Crawford Consulting Partner at Phoenix Endeavors

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